What will you learn?

An Ironworker Apprentice of Local 451 learns various skills necessary for on the job success including:

  • Structural steel erection
  • Rigging
  • Blueprint reading
  • Welding, flame cutting and plasma arc welding and cutting
  • Reinforcing concrete
  • Fence installation
  • Architectural and ornamental erection
  • Scaffold Use
  • Pre-engineered metal buildings
  • Post-tensioned reinforcing systems
  • Precast safety and erection
  • Fork lift operations

In addition to these ‘hands on’ activities, demonstrations by equipment suppliers and classroom lectures, Apprentices will have instruction time on various safety related issues such as:

  • 10-Hour OSHA Training
  • OSHA Sub-Part R
  • OSHA 30-Hour Safety Course
  • Hazardous Material Training
  • Lead Hazardous Training for Ironworkers
  • Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) Training for Ironworkers
  • Disaster Response Training for Ironworkers

Lastly, apprentices will learn the history of our union, mathematics for the Ironworker and various skills that set Ironworkers apart from other trades.

Training is conducted at our facility located in Wilmington, DE and at the Del-Castel Vo-Tech School. During classes you will learn the skills necessary for success as you work for one of our contractors on projects throughout the region. Class time is scheduled for Monday and Wednesday nights at the training facility.  The current pay rate for Apprentices is 50-60% of journeymen’s hourly rate for the first year depending on classroom hours and on-the-job training hours that have been accrued.

What Happens Once I Sign Up to Take the Test?

You will be required to take our aptitude test which will test your math, reading and measurement skills. If you score 80% or higher on our aptitude test, you will then be asked to participate in an interview with our Apprenticeship Committee.  Your interview will be scored and if your score is high enough, you will be placed on our acceptance list or alternate apprenticeship list.

When the need for more apprentices arises, we take the top scores from the alternate list and offer them a spot in the apprenticeship program.  The highest scores are placed near the top and the lower scores are placed near the bottom.

How often are you currently testing?
We test for apprentices on an as needed basis. Currently, we are averaging one test per year for two years, and then skip a year due to space availability.

How often are you accepting Apprentices?
We are taking apprentices as the need arises. Over the past two years, we have averaged a new class every 12-24 months.


Download an Application

If you’re up to the challenge and are interested in becoming an ironworker and live within our jurisdiction, please download an application and follow the instructions for submission.

If you do not reside in one of the counties listed, please visit for the local in your area.
Apprenticeship applications are accepted daily at Ironworkers Local 451 Union Hall, 203 Old DuPont Road, Wilmington, DE 19804.  Applications are kept on file until needed.  Testing and accepting of an apprentice class depends on work situation and the project need.  
Download an Application